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Kate Byrd 

Senior Team Leader

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Hey there....

I’m Kate Byrd, I became a book boss in February 2016.  I joined Usborne Books and More because I fell in love with the books and then the business.  I was quickly able to surpass my teaching income and build a team of inspiring women along side my full time job and while raising two little ones.   I have been given the opportunity to lead and train hundreds of consultants who are spreading literacy and changing their lives.  Together we put books into the hands of children while empowering women across the nation. 


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Why Usborne Books & More


"I love the friendships and new relationships I am building. I love the circle of support and encouragement I get from other women, changing my perception of the female relationship. And my most favorite part: I LOVE getting to bless women and the readers in their lives with a bounty of quality, engaging books that they often couldn’t otherwise have afforded in bulk."

-Jessica G. 


I love being able to find the books that will lead my children onwards to the next big thing for them, whether it’s an interest that makes their eyes light up or a skill they need to learn. Being a consultant makes me feel like I’m on the cutting edge of kids’ books!

-Kaylin D.


 I love being a book lady because it gives me an avenue to give back! I started this whole venture to show my children the power of giving back and to those in need. Because of UBAM I have been able to put books into hands of children who wouldn’t otherwise have them. I also have raised money for causes in need as well! It’s been amazing to take my children with me to deliver the books and show them where our efforts are going.

-Jen C.


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